Wednesday, 25 October 2017

A tip that helps you develop consistency in Prayer-Starting a prayer habit with the Lord's Prayer

Small things done consistently can lead to huge successes:- 

A prescription I give to young people about prayer. 

  • Start by ensuring that you begin the day with the Lord's Prayer. 
  • Say the Lord's Prayer before you get into bed every evening.
  • Just do it every day and mean every word of that prayer.

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Are you afraid? Pray this prayer.

We all have a place we live from.
It sometimes depends on how you were raised but when Christ comes into our lives we get a second chance.
Before I became a believer, I had been raised to be afraid. I was afraid of everything, I lived in a state of foreboding and doom. The kind of fear that held me in a grip so formidable that nothing existed in my heart but fear.

  • I learnt the importance of prayer because I was afraid of losing my relationship with God.
  •  I participated rather seriously in church activities because I was afraid that I wasn't doing enough to please God and therefore would miss heaven.
  • I was afraid of sin yet I couldn't stop sinning... a voice of close relative playing continuously in my head.. "you will not be saved, you are a hypocrite.. your sins are too many and deliberate, God cannot forgive deliberate sin." I was afraid and I lived under the shadow of condemnation.
  • I was afraid of being abused yet I ended up in an abusive relationship

Then someone gave me a book whose title I can't recall. In that book was a quote I remember to this day. "There are 365 do not be afraid verses in the Bible, one for each day of the year.
I read the book and asked God to rid me of fear, all fear. 
I don't know what God did but that gripping fear and all its shadows were gone.  Now in my private worship time, I thank God because he has filled me with a Spirit of love, sound mind and power. I thank Him for filling me with a Spirit of adoption...
Friend, are you afraid? just ask God to set you free from fear. 

Lord, I'm filled with fear, I surrender this fear to you. I ask you to fill me with a Spirit of love, sound mind and power. Father, help me comprehend what it means to be your child.

In the name of Jesus, I pray.

Sunday, 15 October 2017

Understand these 3 attributes of God and gain confidence in prayer.

God is omnipotent,Omnipresent and Omniscient.

Omnipotence means unlimited power. There's no issue in your life He can't handle.
Omnipresence means present everywhere. You can talk to Him anywhere.
Omniscient means He is all-knowing. He knows our sins, our struggles, our weaknesses and because God knows everything, you can tell Him anything.